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Sister Fa

Fatou Mandiang Diatta AKA Sister Fa is Senegal’s Queen of hip hop. Winning Best Newcomer of the Year at the Senegalese Hip-Hop Awards in 2005 came after years of commitment to creating her own sound, which fuses hip hop with Senegalese rhythms and instruments. As one of the few women hip hop artists in Senegal she has fought hard to finally get her voice heard. She also uses her music as a way to talk about society, particularly the problems facing Senegalese women such as forced marriage, female genital mutilation and AIDS. Actively campaigning on these issues Sister Fa is an artist who does not separate music from the message - "When you’re a musician, you’re an ambassador - you are here to defend and help people, not just to make music for money." 2009 sees her debut international release Sarabah -Tales From The Flipside Of Paradise.

Sister Fa
Sarabah - Tales from the Flipside of Paradise
09/09/2009 - 23:00
Tales from the Flipside of Paradise – the title of Sister Fa’s debut international release makes her intentions clear. Based in Casamance, Sister Fa has become the most popular female rapper in Senegal, taking on issues such as AIDS, child sol...
2528 reads


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