Sara Tavares

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In spite of her age, 23 years old, Sara Tavares already has behind her a career that has given her a prominent place in the portuguese musical scene. Portuguese and Capeverdian at the same time, but with the world in her heart, Sara Tavares is recognized as one of the nation's best contemporary singers.

After winning the two most important music festivals in Portugal, in 1994, Sara Tavares recorded her first album "Sara Tavares & Shout' , released in 1996.
As we listen to "Sara Tavares & Shout" we can hear gospel, soul, funk and pop influences while we feel the power of Sara's beautiful voice and the strenght of her unique interpretations.

With her first record released, Sara performed all over the country, Cape Verde, Paris as well as in the most important televisions shows and social happenings.
By the end of 1998, Sara Tavares decided to start working on her new album. To do that, she stoped performing, and went through a long period of introspection and search for her real routes and influences.

As a result of such profound search, "Mi Ma Bo", Sara Tavares' new album, was born. "Mi Ma Bo", which translated from the criolo (language from Cape Verde) means "Me and You", is an intimist album, where Sara's voice appears as the link to all the emotions expressed in its lyrics and melodies.
In this record, besides the singer, Sara Tavares introduces herself as a composer and co-producer, which leaves us with the secure and nice impression of her maturity, her talent and of the long career she has in front of her.
"Mi Ma Bo" was produced by Lokua Kanza, a musician from Kongo, but resident in Paris, who worked before with Ray Lema, Manu Dibango, Papa Wemba, Miriam Makeba, Youssou n'Dour, etc... Together with Sara's co-production, they give us a final result of a very special album, with african colours and a touch of soul, that ends up by really touching our soul.
Sang in three different languages (portuguese, criolo and english), "Mi Ma Bo" really shows us how universal is the language of music.

Having had already the opportunity to travel and to introduce this record to other cultures, like Luxemburg, Holland, Germany, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimabawe and South Africa... we have seen how the world's doors are open to Sara Tavares, giving us the secret thought that this great artist is going to fly.
In France, Monaco and Andorre, "Querer Sonhar" - one of Sara Tavares' compositions from the album "Mi Ma Bo", is included in an african music compilation, together with artists like Miriam Makeba, Lokua Kanza, Césaria Evora, Youssou N'Dour, Mory Kante, etc.... released by BMG France.
In Portugal, "Mi Ma Bo" is already a gold record.


Winner and best classification of ever at the RTP's Song Contest that would lead her to the best classification of ever, for Portugal, at the Eurovision Song Contest, 1994;


Recording of the first album "Sara Tavares & Shout", 1996
Sara Tavares was chosen by Walt Disney Productions to record the portuguese version of the song "God Help the Outcast" for the film "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and her interpretation of this song was awarded by Walt Disney

Records U.S.A. the distinction of the best foreign version recorded in the entire world, 1996;

Recorded several songs for the portuguese version of the film "Hercules", by Walt Disney, 1997;
Perfomed live for BBC, 1997;

Recorded and performed live with several portuguese and capeverdian artists, 1998 - 1999;

Recorded for the album "Tribute to Gershwin", with the "Rigs Big Band Berlin", and later performed live at the Expo 98, 1998;

Performed live with "The Ministers of Music" - a gospel choir from the U.S.A. - at the Expo 98, 1998.
Recording of the second album "Mi Ma Bo", 1999
Performances in Cape Verde, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Luxemburg and Holland (Dunya On Stage Festival), 2000
"Mi Ma Bo" becomes "gold record" in Portugal, 2000
Sara Tavares received an award, after being choosen by the public as "the best interpreter" in Portugal, 2000
2001: Sara Tavares performed at the Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA) in Zimbabwe (May 5th); at the Europaishes Festival in Germany (May 11th) and at the 13th International Africa Festival also in Germany (June 2nd).


"Sara Tavares doesn't have just a message... a lot of temper and a voice with a warm timbre that slides through the concert hall... it's rare to listen to so much music... this festival is motivated by surprises like Sara Tavares.."
"Mittwoch Newspaper"- Germany, T June 2001 (about Sara Tavares' concert at the 13th


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